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Wilson will help bridge political divides

Maine needs Corey Wilson back in the Legislature! While I was in the Maine Senate, it was my pleasure to serve with Rep. Wilson in the 126th Legislature. Corey was an important voice for the people, as he worked tirelessly with both sides of the aisle to get meaningful legislation passed.

Our state and country are deeply divided and facing extraordinary problems that have devastated families, communities, freedoms, the economy and prospects for our future! It’s time Augusta had more legislators like Corey Wilson who will listen to all sides, set aside partisan politics, and make the hard decisions to bring desperately needed relief to Mainers. No longer can we elect people who cannot think for themselves, especially when their voting records show they are beholding only to their party bosses, rather than the people.


Corey Wilson exemplifies Maine values, and will serve Winthrop, Readfield, and all of Maine proudly.


David Burns


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